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Monday, April 23, 2018

2018.04.23 Connecting Some of the Dots.....

2018.04.23 Connecting Some of the Dots.....
Today we got a lengthy email that was mostly some praise for our work here at Not Another Dime (For Ken Whitman), but also stated some of the writer's personal history not only with Ken "Whit" Whitman, but some odd similarities with lawsuits and game stores that  is actually unrelated to the situation and hand and only mentioned because it seems everything worked out well for the writer and we shouldn't give up hope.

There was something though that really piqued our interest, "I "worked" with KEN at Eriksen Services before he was fired". The mention of Ken "Whit" Whitman being fired isn't what caught our eye, although maybe it should because the author later added: "Even working with him at Eriksen he lied and manipulated Doc on many occasions and lied about the status of projects and their completion on many issues."

OK...we're going to stop right here for a little Public Service Announcement. This is an unsubstantiated set of quotes from an email delivered to NAD using our web contact form. Although the report of lies, manipulation, and additional lies regarding status of projects completely fits the pattern we've seen from Ken "Whit" Whitman over the last several years regarding not only KoDT:LAS, but his other (we actually have to count them) five (5!)Kickstarters.....but we think we should probably also count his involvement with several other Kickstarters, bringing the count to....what?....a total of ten (10!) Kickstarters with this type of activity.

Anyway, we cannot substantiate the information in this email, nor are we going to try because we do not wish to put a burden on anybody unfortunate enough to have hired Ken "Whit" Whitman as an employee. Please assume that the mention of Kenny lying, manipulating, and being fired are false allegations. This isn't the information that even interested us in the 1st place. We just wanted to acknowledge the elephant in the room and push it aside.

No, what interested us was the mention that Ken "Whit" Whitman worked for Eriksen Services, because we knew we'd heard of that name before but not 100% where. A quick Google search brought us to Eriksen Services, and a little poking around there led us to Dr. William C. Eriksen, who evidently is a Chiropractor with some good RED Cameras. Wow....those cameras are expensive, but what does this have to do with Ken "Whit" Whitman and/or KoDT:LAS?

Well a couple of years ago Ken "Whit" Whitman tried to threaten us with a possible "Libel" suit because we said he was using equipment purchased with KoDT:LAS Kickstarter funds. Of course Jolly Blackburn backed us up by stating (it's all there on the other post) "When Ken pitched the project his budget indicated he'd be leasing the equipment from a local chiropractor in Kentucky - high end Red cameras." Back in 2014 Kenny posted a KoDT:LAS Update that he didn't have to lease the cameras because "d20 Entertainment has received a donation from a local production studio to help with the cost of filming the Knights of the Dinner Table: Live Action Series. Without the cost of renting high-end movie equipment, we bring you a full- length movie at a more reasonable Kickstart Goal."

So we have this whole issue of budgeting one thing, stating that part of the budget isn't needed, but the having to add in a few items that weren't part of the original budget (i.e. all the camera equipment he purchased and then used for subsequent projects having nothing to do with the Kickstarters), and then stating the equipment has been pawned off (but evidently still available for those other non-Kickstarter projects...).

A bit twisted, no?

At least this unexpected email narrows down who was the likely source for the camera equipment Ken "Whit" Whitman was counting on for use with his three video-based Kickstarters. There cannot be that many RED Camera owning Chiropractors in the whole of the US, much less Kentucky.

Moving forward we can expect to see a lot more twisted information concerning Ken "Whit" Whitman's finances when it comes to his Kickstarters, but at least we can piece a little more of the backstory regarding some of the expenses regarding KoDT:LAS.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

2018.04.22 Ken "Whit" Whitman Sells His Business?

2018.04.22 Ken "Whit" Whitman Sells His Business?
There has been some debate regarding whether or not Ken "Whit" Whitman owns Little Monster Games & Comics. We've covered the subject on IF Kenny owns this store or not and while the best we came up with is "maybe", for the purposes of this post it doesn't really matter because Ken "Whit" Whitman has clearly stated he owns & manages Little Monster Games & Comics on several occasions, but we'll just reference this specific time because not only did Kenny state that the business was his, but that it was transferring to new owners and he was assisting in said transition: "I am no longer manager/owner of Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC. I will be staying on till the end of the month to help with the transition of new owners."

Ken "Whit" Whitman Getting out of Dodge
The "new" store is now under the domain of "Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC". New logo, but same store. Here is a post from an hour ago: "Tuesday night will be Whit Whitman last comic show at Little Monsters. He will be bringing out some great titles for his last sale, including Slabs, detective comics, Deadpool, ghost Rider, and really good stuff. Stop buy at 8pm est to wish him a happy Good-By."

Looks like Ken "Whit" Whitman is enjoying himself, presumably because he thinks he can skip town and avoid responding to the summons he received last month. There has been some speculation that he is offloading the store so it cannot be lost as an asset of his in this, and a pending future (still just a rumor) suit. Assuming Ken "Whit" Whitman actually did own the store, remember that he's the only registered agent and has been claiming it's his store all along, it's on the table for the purposes of the suit.

Our speculation is that the store hasn't actually been sold, but it is changing hands on paper only.....and maybe not even that. Maybe it really wasn't in Ken "Whit" Whitman's hands to begin with......but that would be a huge other legal/tax problem probably beyond the scope of this blog.

The thing we find interesting is that as of today's date, we cannot find any paper to support the alleged "sale" of Little Monster Games & Comics to Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC. All we can see is a new Facebook page with a pretty new monster courtesy of Shutter Stock Images.

No reference to Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC
We went ahead and did a quick search with the Secretary of State for Kentucky, and as of today's date there is no listing for Little Monsters Entertainment, LLC. We did a search for "Little" and came up with at least 999 listings (old & new) and it just isn't there.

Special Note: This picture is Photoshopped to show the top of the page while still showing the immediate entries before and after "Little Monster" as the page is listed alphabetically with  the search for "Monster". You can easily just do your own search with the link above.

Now it could take a while for the LLC filing to be posted, but it's been at least three business days and realistically the business should exist as a legal entity BEFORE acquiring/purchasing the store, so that filing should be in the system.

Little Monsters Entertainment LLC Facebook Page

Until we see some paper dated before the 17th, we're going to assume this is just a dodge and an attempt by Ken "Whit" Whitman to avoid any repercussions from his Kickstarter Projects.

2018.04.23 Update
Interesting in that we published this original post on Sunday, April 22nd at 12:35 PM Central/1:35 PM Eastern. Why is this important? Well look what was filed almost an hour and a half later:

So let's see if we got this right......the legal entity that is purchasing Little Monsters Games & Comics from Ken "Whit" Whitman didn't exist until an hour and eighteen minutes AFTER we posted that said entity didn't exist? No, that doesn't look fishy at all.

Evidently you can file online anytime......

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

2018.04.17 Ken "Whit" Whitman is on the Run!

2018.04.17 Ken "Whit" Whitman Gives up on Little Monsters
After being served with a summons last week it appears our main man Ken "Whit" Whitman has decided he better skip town. We have to assume he's also being a bit proactive in trying to avoid being served with that second suit we've heard rumor about (we'll post the details once it's been served and we get our hands on a copy like last time.)

Not so much a rumor, but speculation on our part, is that Ken "Whit" Whitman is not only fleeing from one or more suits, but trying to get out of Dodge because his expressed interest in Little Monsters Games & Comics, assuming he actually owns any portion of the company, could be in jeopardy.

2018.04.17 Ken "Whit" Whitman is on the Run!
"As of 7:20 pm tonight, I am no longer manager/owner of Little Monsters Games & Comics, LLC. I will be staying on till the end of the month to help with the transition of new owners. I will begin persuing a full time career in the motion picture industry as well as finishing up some unfinished kickstarter business. I appreceate all of your who have helped my time at Little Monsters as incredable experience."

With the spelling and grammatical errors that is Ken "Whit" Whitman's unique style, it looks like his work. Also, the fact that he posted this twice on two separate Facebook accounts (another classic from Kenny) must mean this is serious...

For the record, the graphic on the right is of several Facebook posts merged into one picture.

We also noticed he mentioned his Kickstarters, presumably so he can avoid even more suits by claiming that he's "working" on the Kickstarters, and just slow/late. Of course claiming on FB that he's working on the Kickstarters is kind of useless since he has clearly abandoned the projects since he hasn't checked in with his backers using a Kickstarter Update, on ANY of his six "open" projects, since 2016.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

2018.04.14 Ken "Whit" Whitman is "Working" on Pencil Dice

2018.04.14 Ken "Whit" Whitman is "Working" on Pencil Dice
We were forwarded this picture from Marcus King's Facebook and we here at Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman) don't think it's too legit.

We think (i.e. this is our OPINION) that with the recent "heat" that is Ken "Whit" Whitman's recent summons, he's trying to dissuade his 1,688 Pencil Dice/RPG Pencil Dice backers, who gave him a combined total of $46,784 from similarly taking legal action.

If you go back to the comments from the A Walk in the Dark Blog you'll see this gem, a response to this question "3) Is there a plan to get the Pencil Dice produced and out to backers?"

Ken "Whit" Whitman Claims to be Working on Pencil Dice
Ken "Whit" Whitman Claims to be Working on Pencil Dice"with the sucess of my store i have been able to afford two heat foil machines so i can prodyce them myself. I have placed an order from the machines coming from china,"

The spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors  have been retained. This was posted on February 14th.....two months ago. We've seen nothing since until this Marcus King post:

"My friend, Ken Whitman and I, goofing around while working on the PencilDice Kickstarter"

On the surface this looks legit, BUT......he's holding up two pencil bags of different color. A picture of multiple bags of one color or, even better, the TWO heat foil machines, would go a long way in convincing someone that there is in fact progress being made on the two Pencil Dice Kickstarters.

Pencil Dice Bag Graphics from the Kickstarter
Our 1st guess was that he's simply holding up two dice bags that were color samples used in the Kickstarter campaigns. A quick look at the campaigns' graphics do show that the  "PENCIL DICE" looks different that what was shown, but that only goes so far. Either set of lettering could easily be faked in Photoshop, and it is not unreasonable to expect a little trickery.

If you look at the Kickstarter graphic the lettering is at the end of the roll, where in the Facebook post picture the lettering seems to be on the back of the roll. We suspect, after looking at the leather pencil dice bags shown on the campaigns, that the lettering was added in Photoshop there and Ken "Whit" Whitman is holding two samples from his intended supplier (from before/during the original Kickstarter campaign).

Please Kenny, prove us wrong and we'll make some corrections.

Friday, April 13, 2018

2018.04.13 Possible Ken "Whit" Whitman Sighting Online

2018.04.13 Possible Ken "Whit" Whitman Sighting Online
If you've been a regular reader here at Not Another Dime (for Ken Whitman) you know that we do what we can to post facts backed up by links. While we try to be neutral and not post opinions we'll freely admit to getting jaded over the years when it comes to our main man Ken "Whit" Whitman.

Historically Ken "Whit" Whitman has used multiple social media accounts and has removed content we've linked to in order to try and clean up his online & social media presence so we know that sometimes our documentation cannot be verified. Our normal stance here at NAD is to ask our readers to assume everything we post that cannot be verified directly by our viewers to be false.

The subject of this post is pure speculation, but we've come to the same conclusion as others who have been following Ken "Whit" Whitman's assorted postings over the years. We have to ask you, dear reader, to assume our speculation is wrong and to follow the assorted links here and one the "Ken Sez" page and draw your own conclusions, if you can.

Interesting commentary from "Unknown"
Now that Ken "Whit" Whitman has been served, and that this information has been shared on Tenkar's Tavern, it was only a matter of time before we heard from Ken "Whit" Whitman.

Editorial Note: Our apologies to Louis Desy Jr.

"And this is LouisDesyJr was disbarred from being a laywer...


My favoriet part is...

Desy's conduct, particularly the threatening and harassing e-mail messages, strongly suggests dishonesty, poor judgment, and a willingness to misuse the judicial process. Cf. Matter of an Application for Admission to the Bar of the Commonwealth, 378 Mass. 795 (1979). Further, Desy has shown a lack of candor in these proceedings. As the single justice noted, his answers to questions about his background "have been defensive and perfunctory — in effect, a failure to answer." Indeed, in his brief to this court, he has wholly failed to address the serious questions arising from his dealings with the company. We are left with grave doubt about Desy's present character and fitness to practice law. We resolve that doubt "in favor of protecting the public by denying admission." Matter of an Application for Admission to the Bar of the Commonwealth, 444 Mass. 393, 397 (2005), quoting Matter of Prager, supra. Having reviewed the entire record, we conclude that Desy has not shown that at this time he "possesses the necessary q
ualifications to practice law in the Commonwealth." Matter of Prager, supra."

So we get a 2:07 AM post by "Unknown" that shows all the hallmarks of Ken "Whit" Whitman:

  • Early morning post
  • Bad spelling
  • Hatchet cut & paste job
  • Attacks someone calling him out on his behavior
The thing is, there is really no reason for anyone else to bother posting this information. We're only doing it in response to the original post. 

The thing is, and this is specifically meant for Ken "Whit" Whitman, nobody (else) cares about Mr. Louis Desy Jr.'s ability to practice law in this matter. Not only is he not representing ANYONE but himself, but he's filed this paperwork "Pro Se". If "Unknown" would bother to either read the summons or spent 30 seconds online they'd find that the plaintiff is acting on his own behalf. Now since we're assuming this "Unknown" is Ken "Whit" Whitman, as other have done, we have to find it amusing on some level because Ken "Whit" Whitman has repeatedly worked to bury parts of his past (Rapid POD anyone?) and claim they have no bearing on his current efforts.